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Berlinale 2011: Crystal Bears in the Generation14plus

The members of the Youth Jury in the Generation 14plus

Faysal Asfaha

Jonathan Curio

Leonie Goebel-Künnecke

Theresa Greiwe

Roberta Huldisch

Oskar E. Levis

Tara Mauritz

give the following awards:

Crystal Bear for the Best Feature Film: On the Ice

by Andrew Okpeaha MacLean, USA 2011

This film drew us in from the first minute and remained gripping right up to the very end. Here, between solitude and endless expanses, a stifling and constricting atmosphere is created using simple means. Our winning film took us off to a world that was totally unknown to us. A world where everything seems submerged in darkness, even though the sun never goes down.

Special Mention Feature Film: Apflickorna

by Lisa Aschan, Sweden 2011

Showing your feelings makes you vulnerable. And being vulnerable makes you lose control. A play between love and power. A film that is both confusing and disturbing, that gives you the shivers and shocks/startles you, triggering an avalanche of thoughts and questions but also some answers. 

Crystal Bear for the Best Short Film: Manurewa

by Sam Peacocke, New Zealand 2010

In a very short time this film synthesises and skilfully compresses independent story lines and characters, merging them together into a single irrevocable, ever-changing moment. Our winning film is not only about perpetrators and victims, but also about human beings.

Special Mention Short Film: Get Real!

by Evert de Beijer, Netherlands 2010

Aggressive, innovative and explosive. An attack on the senses. A film constantly walking the tightrope between deviance and brilliance. Hectic sequences of colour and plot and a wealth of detail. We have never seen a film like this before.

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