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FIFF2023 – Enthralling encounter at Fribourg International Film Festival with the director of the Moldovan National Film Center, Valentina Iusuphodjaev

The 37th Fribourg International Film Festival (FIFF), which took place from March 17 to 26, 2023, honored this year a little-known film region, Moldova. The lack of knowledge of this small country of 2.615 million inhabitants, landlocked between Romania and Ukraine, does not stop at its film industry. Few media are interested in the part of the country that has been in a state of separatism since the disappearance of the USSR, Transnistria. Now at least, interest has awakened a little, because, since the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, the situation of Moldova and its separatist region has become like a mirror effect of what is happening in Ukraine since 2014. (…)

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