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Berlinale 2016 – Quote of the Day #8: Thomas Vinterberg

Thomas Vinterberg © Malik Berkati
Thomas Vinterberg
© Malik Berkati

I’ve made this film about sharing and courtesy between human beings. Beside the intention to seize asylum seekers’ assets, I come from a country where my government had printed ads in Iranian newspapers saying “you can’t be a refugee by us”. That’s so shameful and I am ashamed of that. Those behaviors are not human. But I also know that behind that, there is a good-hearted people, which is slightly confused, frightened and is acting according to the fear instead of their normal generosity. So I think there is hope and that it’s not irreversible. But it’s embarrassing. Our face to the world is embarrassing.

La critique du film

Malik Berkati, Berlin                                      

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