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Tribute to the actor Rutger Hauer – At 2019 Lucca Film Festival he left his environmentalist message for the new generations

The Earth is good. You have to side with the Earth. And maybe you can hold onto this story and the Earth.

This was the environmentalist call that Rutger Hauer, who died recently, launched in front of hundreds of people, precisely on the occasion of the tribute that the Lucca Film Festival and Europa Cinema had dedicated to him in the Effetto Cinema Notte.

— Rutger Hauer (April 2019)
Photo courtesy of Lucca Film Festival 2019

An unforgettable replicant in Blade Runner, an actor in more than 170 films, he was an icon of science fiction cinema, for the role of the android Roy Batty, in Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner. His monologue ” I saw things that you humans…” has become proverbial in the same way as Wilder’s “Nobody is Perfect!” is remembered as one of the most famous interpretations in the history of cinema.

The Dutch actor celebrated the 50th anniversary of his artistic career at the Lucca Film Festival – Europa Cinema.

I am honoured to celebrate my 50th anniversary in the world of the cinema right here in Lucca

Hauer said, after receiving the Festival Lifetime Achievement Award

Italy is like a second home to me, I fell in love with this country during the filming of Lady Hawke, a time when I was able to admire all its artistic wonders.

— Rutger Hauer (April 2019)
Photo courtesy of Lucca Film Festival 2019

The festival dedicated a large open-air tribute performance to the actor entitled Tears in Rain – as part of Effetto Cinema Notte to celebrate Ridley Scott’s 1982 cult film, set in Los Angeles, right in 2019.

We will jealously hold dear the memory of the moments that Rutger Hauer shared with us in Lucca

commented the President of Fondazione Crl Marcello Bertocchini

We lost a unique talent, who has been able to get a hold on the minds not only of film aficionados, but also of the general public.



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